Design innovation is paramount to creating successful projects, whether it is utilizing leading-edge and local construction materials, such as engineered timber panels for structural elements or passive design solutions for award winning personnel “flow” (ingress/egress) for quicker vehicle response times.  JDa always strives to look for new ways of thinking outside the box to match the appropriate architectural response for each individual client.

Innovation in design is a major component of what we do at Johnston Davidson. It is a part of what feeds our architectural soul and is motivated by many different facets of the profession. the following topics will continue to be updated throughout the course of the year so please continue to check this page and see what the JDa team is up to.

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  • LEED Projects Sustainable design plays an important role in every project that JDa develops.  Whether the capital investment is large or small, we believe in integrating sustainability into our projects. (...)

    LEED Certification is one method that JDa has used to help quantify sustainable objective for various clients. LEED administration is a service the JDa provides and has been quite successful in achieving project delivery. The following projects are either certified or currently in the LEED certification process.


    We have completed work on four LEED projects that have received certification:

    • Ellerslie Fire Station – Edmonton, AB LEED-NC Gold
    • Hamilton Fire Hall – Richmond, BC LEED-NC Silver
    • Nanaimo Fire Station No. 4 – Nanaimo, BC LEED-NC Silver
    • 9A Mental Health Unit, St. Paul’s Hospital – Vancouver, BC LEED-CI Certified


    Currently, we have six LEED projects that are registered with the CAGBC:

    • Vancouver Fire Hall No. 5 & Social Housing – Vancouver, BC aiming for LEED-NC Gold
    • Central Saanich Fire Station No. 1 – Central Saanich, BC aiming for LEED-NC Gold
    • Heritage Valley Fire Station – Edmonton, AB aiming for LEED-NC Silver
    • Lewis Farms Fire Station – Edmonton, AB aiming for LEED-NC Silver
    • Pilot Sound Fire Station – Edmonton, AB aiming for LEED-NC Silver
    • BC Centre for Health in HIV/AIDS West Wing Renovation St. Paul’s Hospital – Vancouver, BC aiming for LEED-CI Silver
  • Integration of Innovative Products: Briscoe Fine Line LVL Panels JDa and Herold Engineering have integrated the use of large scale wood LVL panels and beams into the design and construction of the Qualicum Beach Fire Hall. The product, briscoe fine line, is not only the main structural system, (...)

    but the exposed roof panels and beams will create the final interior and exterior finish.  This will be the first application of this product in a fire hall anywhere in the world. Stay tuned for more photographs and time lapse video of from the construction site.

  • Modular Fire Hall The JDa team is keen on exploring an alternate to pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) that focuses on the design of a wood based, pre-fabricated fire hall and focuses on implementing post disaster design, local products, (...)

    and the province’s wood first initiative.


    The idea is to design this project to use as many materials as possible that are sourced and or manufactured locally to support the integration of local trades, meet LEED certification level, and have a tight construction schedule. The system is based on using “cross laminated timber” (CLT) technology, currently in production in Penticton, BC which produces solid wood panels of varying thicknesses to create tilt up wall, roof and floor panels.


    In addition, the modular fire hall will aim to be self-sufficient; and thus, “off the grid” possibly creating more energy than it uses.  Areas where the building could be self-sufficient are septic systems or waste water technologies, water collection and grey water systems, compostable toilets, photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems, and wind charging.

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