The firm of Johnston Davidson was started about 40 years ago by Douglas Johnston and Ian Davidson both life time members of the AIBC who worked to create a firm which spoke about the essence of capturing life in the built form, always remembering that every contribution to our environment no matter how small, would forever affect the way people lived.

Not interested in the “star-architect” mentality, they did however believe that there was value in the minds of architects and always fought to be heard – small or large the opinion should always be given. After all as my dad used to say “Why buy a dog if you are going to bark yourself”. I have always valued those lessons of hard work, perseverance and discipline as part of who I am today and who we will be through into the future.

Despite the fact that they are not here today, we have the benefit of being surrounded by their influence and the advantage of making that our own. After all, when the dust settles, we are in the business of building - both projects and relationships.


Kimberly Johnston, Principal

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