Client: City of Delta Location: Delta, BC Size: 14,350 sf Budget: $9,100,000 Status: Completed in 2019
Protective / Emergency Services
Boundary Bay Fire Hall

Built to replace a small, aging structure that could not consistently meet the emergency response needs of a growing industrial area, the Boundary Bay Fire Hall is an important addition to the suburban city of Delta, BC. Comprised of a state-of-the-art satellite fire station, a municipal emergency operations centre (EOC), a live-fire training facility and an administrative instruction centre all on one site, the new fire hall stands to serve the community well for years to come.

Built to rigorous post-disaster standards, the fire hall is designed to withstand 1.5 times the seismic force of a typical building, providing a stable operations centre for emergency management teams and city staff. An expansive plaza — with a canopied area to shelter speakers such as the mayor or fire chief — allows for briefings to the public or press without having to enter the busy emergency operations centre.
The station features approximately 80% wood above grade, utilizing plywood sheeting and wood-to-wood connections. This affords strength and structural rigidity while providing the ductility necessary for the building to remain intact and operational after a disaster.
Beauty in strength

Built on Delta’s seismically unstable soil, a raft slab foundation was used to help ensure the building remains operational after a disaster. The landscaping and civil design has been developed to incorporate drought-tolerant, bird-repelling and regional planting strategies in combination with a low-slope grading approach that requires minimal retaining walls. To control storm water, the flow of water from the roofs and the site meet predevelopment flows as outlined by LEED to ensure storage and slow release.

” The new Boundary Bay Fire Hall is in the ideal location to provide emergency response coverage for the airport, a growing industrial base, and to the nearby highways 99 and 91. “
Delta Fire Chief Paul Scholfield

Situated near the Boundary Bay Regional Airport and two busy provincial highways, the new fire hall has two tandem bays for five apparatus, providing rapid response to structure fires, technical rescues and serious multi-vehicle accidents. The hall is operational 24/7 and is staffed with one officer and three firefighters.

The Burn Building, a dedicated four-storey training facility created from resilient Cor-Ten® steel shipping containers, provides opportunities for live fire scenarios and confined space training. Designed in concert with fire department personnel, this "burning building" — complete with balconies, varying rooftops, and a garage housing a metal car — allows firefighters to battle a variety of simulations that mimic real-world situations. A driver training course utilizes space around the structure. Each Cor-Ten® steel box can be set up to provide a different element of fire suppression training, with one box heating up to an astounding 700 degrees. Various props can be operated remotely from a separate control room.
” Fires are more dangerous now than ever, as building construction changes and the contents inside burn hotter and faster than we’ve ever seen before. The multiple specialties our members need to maintain will all be made easier by having a training facility of our own. ”
Mike McMillan, President of Delta Fire Fighters’ Union

Natural wood and cool water tones make for a soothing, restful environment — a welcome counterbalance to the inherent stresses of emergency response. Keeping mental, physical and emotional wellness at the fore, JDa ensured that every occupied room has access to ample natural light and fresh air.

Brightly coloured linoleum flooring helps delineate sleeping quarters and other personnel spaces. Oversized graphics add energy and assist with wayfinding.
In addition to the Delta Emergency Operation Centre and dedicated Fire Training Facility, the Boundary Bay Fire Hall also houses the bright and modern Corporate Training Centre.
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