Client: District of Logan Lake Location: Logan Lake, BC Size: 10,600 sf Budget: $2,500,000 Status: Completed in 2017
Protective / Emergency Services
Logan Lake Fire Hall

As the largest and one of the most recent infrastructure projects to be built within the Logan Lake Regional District, the Logan Lake Fire Hall does triple duty as a fire station, an emergency operations centre and a valuable community space. It’s also an aesthetically stunning building of which the design and innovative use of wood products has won many accolades, including a top prize at the Canadian Wood Council’s 2018 Wood Design Awards.

The new fire hall houses a 1,200 sf emergency operations centre (EOC) that replaces inadequate EOC headquarters in the old civic building. It also incorporates a community asset in the form of a large multi-purpose space that can be rented out for conferences, celebrations, elections and a range of other public events. Built to replace an aging building that struggled to accommodate the community’s needs, the Logan Lake Fire Hall was the product of collaboration between the District of Logan Lake, the Logan Lake Fire Rescue Department and JDa. Together, we forged an economical approach that would employ BC’s Wood First Program and provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for a first-response, post-disaster building. The District was able to achieve its goal of completing the project without having to raise property taxes.
A major achievement in wood design

From the mass-timber structure to interior finishing, JDa chose wood for its affordability, sustainability, resiliency and natural beauty. The building’s glued-laminated timber (glulam) post-disaster structural system can resist 1.5 times more seismic force than a normal building. The unique, dual-curved glulam ceiling is pound-for-pound stronger than steel—and much more affordable—while the roof design helps to efficiently distribute weight and mitigate snowpack. Finally, wood is locally abundant and was easily and affordably installed by trades working within a 200-km radius.

The new fire hall uses an unprecedented 95% structural wood above grade. Due to rigidity requirements for large truck apparatus bays, wood is often not chosen as a structural material for fire stations. But by employing innovative design, wood can be extremely affordable, adaptable and structurally integral for protective services buildings for generations. The new, single-storey fire station can now accommodate six vehicles in three drive-through apparatus bays.


Canadian Wood Council – 2018 Wood Design Awards Winner, Institutional Wood Design: Small

JDa Team

Kimberly Johnston—Project Architect

Ed Craig—Job Captain

When the wooden structure was not revealed as a final finish, other materials, such as copper, were used as cladding to provide visual relief. The copper cladding hearkens to the nearby copper mine that is one of the largest mining operations in the world and a major employer of Logan Lake residents.

The safe, fast and efficient movement of people, gear and vehicles is paramount when planning protective services buildings—both inside and outside the structure. Circulation planning is just one facet of JDa’s special expertise in this sector.

The new fire hall accommodates a volunteer fire department of 24, in addition to staff and a full-time chief, and features important health and safety upgrades. For instance, a modern exhaust extraction system helps reduce exposure to smoke, chemicals and other materials that can contaminate gear and vehicles.

Spruce pine-engineered glulam and plywood decking comprise the building envelope, millwork, finishes, doors and ceilings. Plywood veneer panelling was used on inside walls and single panels can be easily replaced when damaged. Virtually every interior space has access to working windows and abundant natural light.

The large, dividable training room doubles as a multi-purpose space that can be used by the community.
“ The new fire hall was completed on time and $100,000 under budget. ”
Logan Lake Mayor Robin Smith
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