Client: Comox Strathcona Regional District Location: Black Creek, BC Size: 8,100 sf Budget: $1,500,000 Status: Completed in 2006
Protective / Emergency Services
Oyster River Fire Hall

This 8,100 SF rural firehall was designed to accommodate a volunteer fire rescue department in a growing community. The hall has 5 truck bays (2.5 tandem bays) as well as a large workshop, training room and department offices.

The siting and form of the building were initially developed to collect and moderate storm water. A collection tank and bio-swale were incorporated into the site design to help retain the water on site and enable it to be reused for truck washing and irrigation.

Large glulam beams and secondary purlins form the two large roofs and accentuate the main design idea by resembling large wings of a bird. Exterior materials, such as the brightly coloured metal cladding, announce the firehall to the street while maintaining a relationship with the regional character.

The large training room situated next to the apparatus bays serves as a mixed-use space.

Recreation space looks over the apparatus bays making it easily accessible when the call comes.

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