Client: District of Sechelt Location: Sechelt, BC Size: 25,000 sf Budget: $4,950,000 Status: Completed in 2003
Protective / Colocation
Sechelt Justice Building

The Sechelt Justice Building was an early colocation project for JDa, housing both the District of Sechelt’s courthouse and RCMP office on a lushly treed corner site. The unified, V-shaped structure takes advantage of a naturally sloping terrain and allows for two distinct entrances on perpendicular streets and a critical separation of two civic organizations with complex needs.

The building’s angles take maximum advantage of the orientation to sunlight and allows for a wide swath of greenery.
Law and order

The courthouse is sited on a slope, and the change in elevation allows for a high-security lower level that includes jail cells and secure drop-off and parking. From this level, designated elevators can bring defendants directly into the courtrooms above, circumventing the RCMP building. Occupying about 10,000 square feet, the courthouse houses one main courtroom, two courtroom/family settlement rooms, court registry, Crown Counsel offices, sheriff services, judicial chambers and victim services offices. The 15,000 square feet of RCMP operations occupy the lower building and include administrative and general duty offices, multipurpose rooms, secure storage and area functions shared with the sheriff’s department.

A civic success story

They say you can’t please all the people all the time, but the Sechelt Justice Building satisfied the needs of a wide range of stakeholders. The Ministry of the Attorney General, the RCMP, the District of Sechelt, and the BC Sheriff Service were consulted during every phase of the project. In addition to gaining approval from these groups, JDa held public forums at the end of each phase to inform and update the community and answer any questions concerning the project. Today, the building is a well-loved addition to Sechelt’s civic precinct.


2003 Building Owners and Managers Association of BC (BOMA) Earth Award for excellence in resource preservation and environmentally sound commercial building management

JDa Team

  • Doug Johnston
  • Kimberly Johnston
  • John Botelho

Marrying security, functionality and environmental sensitivity was a driving force behind the building’s design. For instance, the underground parkade not only provides a secure area for prisoner transport, but also reduces the environmental impact of water run-off compared to an outdoor lot. A large water scupper diverts rainwater from the roof while doubling as an architectural feature. Abundant natural light aids visibility and security while imparting a feeling of openness.

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